Friday, December 14, 2012

Barclays Capital: Home Values Could Return to Peak Levels As Soon As 2015

Barclays Capital predicts that home prices, off 30%+ after the housing bubble burst in 2007, could return to peak levels as soon as 2015. The long-battered housing market is finally starting to get back on its feet, and some experts believe it could soon become another housing boom.

Signs of recovery have been evident in the recent pick ups in home prices, home sales and construction. Foreclosures are also down and the Federal Reserve has acted to push mortgage rates near record lows.

"In our view, the housing market had undergone a dramatic over-correction during the prior five years, resulting in pent-up demand for housing purchases that would spark a rapid rise in housing starts," said Stephen Kim, an analyst with Barclays, in a note to clients.

The housing rebound can have a ripple effect that could help get the entire economy growing at a much stronger pace, which will add to more demand for housing.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Top Investors and Billionaires Continue To Bet on the Housing Market Recovery

Hedge-Fund Manager Turned Billionaire Predicts Greater Housing Rebound

John Paulson, hedge-fund manager turned billionaire who made his money betting on the collapse of the housing market, is now seeing positive results in his recent residential investments as he rides the waves of the housing recovery, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A Paulson official reported that a $298.4 million real-estate fund managed by Paulson & Co. could be worth double its total amount invested if it were sold today. The real-estate fund acquired two hotel portfolios and made 11 land purchases.

However, Paulson stated Wednesday that he did not plan to cash much out right now. As the housing market continues to rebound, Paulson believes the fund could return several times its initial investment.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Where Are The Billionaires Investing Their Money? In Real Estate and LOTS of It!

Japanese billionaire Akiro Mori -- like American billionaire and business wizard Warren Buffet -- is seizing on the current opportunities in the real estate market and now aggressively investing again.

Mori plans $1.2 billion real estate investments, his company’s first investment of this scale since 2008, as local real estate values recover.

Per, Mori is taking advantage of the yen’s strength to explore overseas opportunities for the first time as part of the company’s most significant investment since the 76-year-old declared the end of Japan’s real estate boom in 2008.

“This is the perfect timing to invest,” said Mori. "With interest rates being very low, that makes it easy to buy. Property in a desirable location is good because it tends to be the last to drop in value when the market is bad. Cheap properties tend to be the first to decline and last to recover.”

If you want to invest wisely, follow what the most successful business minds are doing. For the full story:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Housing Recovery Underway -- Median Home Value Expected To Rise 15% in Next 3 Years

Not only is the housing recovery well under way, the median home value will rise 15% in the next three years, according to the National Association of Realtors’ chief economist.

"Existing-home sales, new-home sales and housing starts are all recording notable gains this year in contrast with suppressed activity in the previous four years, and all of the major home-price measures are showing sustained increases," Lawrence Yun told attendees at the 2012 Realtors Conference and Expo in Orlando, Fla.

One reason for the rising prices is the falling inventory -- or supply of available homes for sale and underbuilding in recent years -- which is fueling demand for new construction, perhaps beyond what builders can produce.

"Unless building activity returns to normal levels in the next couple years, housing shortages could cause home prices to accelerate, and the movement of home prices will be closely tied to the level of housing starts," Yun said.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


HOUSING MARKET RECOVERY: Third quarter home prices and home sales both showed strongest growth since 2006, according to the latest report by the National Association of Realtors. The national median existing single-family home price jumped 7.6 percent from a year ago, the strongest year-over-year increase for any quarter in six years. Inventory -- along with interest rates -- remains low, spurring a more competitive housing market with multiple offers and bidding wars once again.

Friday, June 15, 2012

GREAT NEWS! US Housing Market Reaches Turning Point Toward Growth & Investment Opportunities!

GREAT NEWS! The US Housing market reaches a turning point: Home values begin to climb w/big growth opportunities in income/investment properties, according to RISMEDIA and a major new study released by the Demand Institute.

Briefly: Average home prices will increase by up to 1% in the second half of 2012. By 2014, home prices are expected to increase by as much as 2.5%. From 2015 to 2017, industry experts project annual increases between 3 and 4+%.

Key findings in the report:

-The recovery will be led by demand from buyers for rental properties, rather than, as in previous cycles, demand from buyers acquiring new or existing properties for themselves. (Investor opportunities!)

-Young people—who were particularly hard hit by the recession—and immigrants will lead the demand for rental properties.

-Rental demand will help to clear the huge oversupply of existing homes for sale. In 2011, some 14 percent of all housing units were vacant, while almost 13 percent of mortgages were in foreclosure or delinquent.

-The average size of the American home will shrink. The size of an average new home is expected to continue to fall, reaching mid-1990 levels by 2015.

Despite the number of Americans who have been hurt financially by the housing crash, the desire to own a home remains strong. In fact, one survey has revealed that more than 80 percent of Americans recently thought buying a home remained the best long-term investment they could make.

For more information, please click on the attached link:

Friday, March 2, 2012


Did you know you can tap your IRA to invest in this BUYERS housing market (while taking advantage of these historic low mortgates) TAX FREE/NO EARLY WITHDRAWAL PENALTY? It's called a self-directed IRA!

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Experts Suggest Housing Crisis to End in 2012

Capital Economics expects the housing crisis to end this year, according to a report released Tuesday. One of the reasons: loosening credit standards.

Other factors, such as: 1. The Federal Reserve committed to keeping mortgage rates to historic lows throughout this year, and beyond. 2. Home sales up again last month, and up again for the sixth straight consecutive year. 3. Consumer confidence up as a result of job growth, stabilizing US ecomony and bargain home prices. 4. The traditional "7-year housing cycle" ends this year.

Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors (NAR), concurs with other expert assessments, saying “The pattern of home sales in recent months demonstrates a market in recovery.”

Additionally, other market indicators point not just to a stabilization of mortgage lending standards, but also an increase in credit availability.

Capital Economics notes the average credit score required to attain a mortgage loan is now down to 700. The lower score will open mortgage loans up to more consumers.

Banks are also loosening loan-to-value ratios (LTV), which Capital Economics denotes “the clearest sign yet of an improvement in mortgage credit conditions.”

In contrast to a low of 74 percent LTV reached in mid-2010, banks are now lending at 82 percent LTV. This loosing of restrictions on how much debt one carries to qualify for a mortgage loan, also opens approvals up to more home buyers.

The tide is turning. All markets have periods of growth and decline -- key indicators all suggest a housing recovery now underway.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 Launches as No-Cost, Highly Personalized Referral Service That Matches Home Buyers & Sellers with the Right Real Estate Professional

LOS ANGELES, CA -- ( officially launched today as a personalized, no-cost referral service that matches Home Buyers & Sellers looking to move, invest or relocate with the perfect local real estate agent -- whether it's around the corner or halfway around the world. The announcement was made today by Elaine Mallon, Founder & Broker of

Think 1-800-Dentists meets for real estate representation. is a unique service that fills the gap that exists in the agent search process. “We are distinct by not being tied to any one brokerage nor to a limited number of agents within a paid directory. Instead, we cull through active, licensed members of the National Association of REALTORS® – America’s largest trade association, over 1.1 million members strong – who are in good standing, with a record of exceptional customer service, whose designations and/or specialties match a client’s needs, who are local experts in the areas they serve, and who pledge to abide by the Association’s strict Code of Ethics.”

There are hundreds of websites that “blindly” list agents, but with no personal screening and little assurance of how experienced they really are. These are not true "referrals", but agents who have paid a fee to be included in those directories, regardless of customer service record or qualifications.

“That’s no way to select the right agent. Moreover, top-producing real estate professionals
seldom pay to be in those directories. The best agents earn clients through their professionalism, reputation and performance,” stated Ms. Mallon.’s personal approach recognizes that different people have different needs. “The perfect match is not just about professional qualifications, but compatible communication styles and personal chemistry between the client and agent,” Ms. Mallon continued. “Both personalities should align to make the experience a good one. ‘Agent Referral Directories’ just don’t provide that level of service or personal insight.”

Ms. Mallon is a licensed Broker with the California Department of Real Estate (DRE #01325954), a Certified Corporate Relocation Specialist, Certified Negotiator, Certified Investor Agent Specialist, and member of the National Association of REALTORS®.

She is the former Owner/Broker of Monarch Properties, a Real Estate Buyer’s Brokerage, Mortgage Finance & Investment firm, an award-winning public relations and marketing veteran, and previously served as Vice President, Media & Corporate Relations for 20th Century Fox Television. can be found online at or by calling toll free: 1-800-208-3401, and on Facebook at!/pages/

Saturday, January 7, 2012



Home Buyers & Sellers are more savvy than ever, yet both are relying more and more on faulty information provided by various Internet resources (such as Zillow,, Trulia,, etc.) to help determine a home’s value. It is important to beware of the extensive inaccuracy of these home value “estimates” in order to protect your investment dollar.

“Approximately 90% of home buyers begin their search on the Internet, and many blindly rely on these ‘estimates’, despite the fact that valuations on these sites – by their own admission – can be wildly inaccurate,” said Elaine Mallon, Broker Associate with Coldwell Banker.

These online home valuations can be 20%-50% higher or lower than a property’s eventual sale price, as the sites themselves admit. “That means a Buyer who relies on this rough information might be passing up a truly good value or a Seller who relies on this data might be undervaluing their home by tens of thousands of dollars, if not more.”

“A Trulia estimate is just that – an estimate,” says a disclaimer on the site’s home value tool. Zillow goes a step further, publishing how imprecise its estimates can be. Every major site urges house hunters to consult appraisers or real estate agents to refine their results.

Beware: These online sites don’t evaluate each property individually to determine “true market value.” They clump nearby homes together, using tax assessor’s office data and recent sales. “Their values are based on broad computer algorithms, not refined human expertise. They don’t take in to account each homes unique characteristics, upgrades, condition, extras or other intangibles that affect value,” continued Mallon.

Zillow has accepted revisions on 25 million homes – perhaps the strongest testament to how seriously consumers take its estimates and how off its numbers were.

“People need to realize this whether they are buying, selling or refinancing because it can greatly affect their decisions and their bottom-line. With the right professional counsel, no one should be leaving money on the table in this housing market,” concluded Mallon.

Elaine Mallon, who operates as a Dual Agent for Coldwell Banker's Palos Verdes / South Bay AND the state-of-the-art Manhattan Beach branch offices, is a Certified Negotiator, a Certified Corporate Relocation Specialist, a Certified Palos Verdes Area Specialist, an award-winning Marketing & Public Relations veteran, and a regular contributor to local and national online publications on matters that affect Buyers & Sellers today. She is eager to help with all your HOME BUYING & SELLING NEEDS!